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The Valley and the Lake—A Film Odyssey About Water in Four Movements by director Christopher Beaver brings order to the scattered pieces of the water puzzle and carries the faith that with this knowledge we can bring solutions to our problems.

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Tales of the San Joaquin: A River Journey travels from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Pacific Ocean to tell the tale of a river that goes perpetually dry in two separate places and is the subject of an on-going fifty year restoration struggle. As grape farmer, Walt Shubin, says in the film, “we can’t give up; if we give up, the party’s over.”
Tulare The Phantom Lake travels with different guides across the haunted landscape of the now-vanished Tulare Lake, once the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, among them an author, a biologist, and an archaeologist. Might there be room or even the necessity to bring back part of the original lake as a natural reservoir and environmental restoration project?

When You Return follows Native American basket weavers, Jennifer Malone and Marie Wilcox as they teach a new generation to honor their culture and the earth. The title comes from Marie speaking in her Wukchumni language, with Marie the last native speaker, “We never had a word for good-bye; we always just said, I’ll see you when you return.”
Water Beneath Our Feet
 accompanies biology professor, Rob Hansen, as he follows the slender threads of the original Valley landscape to explain the nature and possible future of groundwater.  Rob describes our relationship with water as being like a bank account, “We’ve been borrowing from nature for a very long time and now the debt collector has arrived.”

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