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project-thorn-TANGIBLE-bannerProject THORN – Tangible Help Our Rhinos Need

Project THORN’s mission is to educate people about the plight of the rhino and to help protect rhinos in South Africa using horse patrols.


Hornucopia – Hooves for Horns is an art and activism project developed to bring awareness of conservation and preservation efforts being made to save the wild rhino population in South Africa.

In South Africa, a daily life and death battle is being fought between wildlife rangers and animal poachers. Rangers are committed to the protection of and conservation of the rhino population, while the poaching syndicates are invested in the specie’s extinction. The exponential growth of poaching is astonishing and supporting horse patrols has proven to be an effective and safe method of deterring poachers.

Learn more about the project Hornucopia, about Poaching Statistics, and how Horses help.