To the Ends of the Earth


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NARRATED BY EMMA THOMPSON. Filmmaker David Lavallee brings us up close and personal with shale gas fields, tar sands and the huge pipelines that represent the far edges of resource extraction in the 21st century. What are the consequences of no-holds-barred energy acquisition? What are we doing to the planet and ourselves?

Filled with compelling and vivid footage you won’t see elsewhere, the documentary film To The Ends Of The Earth takes us on a journey to see for ourselves what is happening and what people are doing to fight back. From the frontiers of the Arctic to the Alberta tar plains to our own Colorado River, so-called “unconventional” extractions are shattering boundaries and changing forever the connection between the earth and the lives dependent on it.

Winner of the 2016 Doc LA Film Festival

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EDUCATIONAL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: For self-hosted school servers $475 (PURCHASE a download above). 80 MINUTES DIRECTOR’S CUT

To the Ends of the Earth Cover-smTo the Ends of the Earth follows concerned citizens living at the frontiers of extreme oil and gas extraction, bearing witness to a global crossroads. They call for human ingenuity to rebuild society at the end of the fossil fuel era.
The people we meet are uniquely positioned to watch this global crossroads unfold. For example, the mayor of an Inuit village in Canada’s high Arctic who is concerned that seismic testing for oil in the ocean is blowing up the eardrums of the animals that the Inuit hunt to survive. Or the environmental lawyer who goes on a journey to areas that produce energy for the tar sands of Alberta — he learns of the massive inpEmma Thompsonuts of energy that have to be put into this resource — and the reasons why the second largest oil project in the world is economically unsustainable. Or the river conservationist in Utah who fights to protect the Colorado River from oil shale projects that would disturb its headwaters.
To the Ends of the Earth brings forward the voices of those who not only denounce the rise of extreme energy, but also envision the new world that is taking shape in its stead: a future beyond the resource pyramid, a post-growth economy.

Narrator: Emma Thompson
Produced and Directed by David Lavallee

Two versions available on the same DVD
Directors Cut and Broadcast Version
80 Minutes and 55 Minutes (has captions)



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