The Colorado River Package


This screening package contains three short films.

From Source to Sea Down the Colorado  22 mins
Portraits of the Upper Colorado  24 mins
A CHANGING DELTA: Restoring the Colorado River Delta in Mexico  26 mins


Screening package contains DVDs, MP4s, a editable poster, social media tools, a signup sheet, a 2012 and 2013 State of the Rockies Report Card, Q&A guest suggestions, and links to an interactive map and for further information.

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The Colorado River package includes three films.

The Colorado River is one of the most celebrated – and controlled – rivers in the world. It supplies water to 30 million people. From the raging waters of its source in the north, to the dry river basin in the south, we can find personal perspectives along each mile recounting its exciting recreation to its slow death by diversion… and hope of its restoration. We assembled a screening package of this mighty river to foster discussion about the Colorado River and the benefits and consequences of damming wild rivers.

REMAINS OF A RIVER: From Source to Sea Down the Colorado 22 mins
Two friends. 113 days. 1,700 miles. One endangered river. From October 2011 to January 2012, Will Stauffer-Norris and Zak Podmore hiked and paddled from Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains to Mexico following the Colorado River system from its farthest inland source to the sea, filming and narrating on the fly. The resulting film series, Remains of a River, is a story of friendship, adventure and environmental degradation.

POWELL TO POWELL: Portraits of the Upper Colorado 24 mins
From June through September 2012 Will Stauffer-Norris, David Spiegel, Zak Podmore and Carson McMurray walked, kayaked, and rafted from Rocky Mountain National Park to Lake Powell along the Colorado River. Along the way they talked to over 30 people involved in the Colorado: farmers, ranchers, water managers, professional rafters, and conservationists, to learn about the complicated issues surrounding water management and control of this mighty river.

A CHANGING DELTA: Restoring the Colorado River Delta in Mexico 26 mins
Left for dead after decades of neglect, the terminus of the Colorado River in Northern Mexico was once a vibrant wetland ecosystem the size of Rhode Island. “A Changing Delta” chronicles the stories, issues, and people of the Colorado River Delta in Mexico, and what they’ve done to reconnect one of the most iconic American rivers to the sea.
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