Stories From the Seventh Fire – Winter/Spring


Tales of Wesakechak and Wolf Tale

In these beautifully animated legends, many life and environmental lessons are given. The beauty, bounty, and vulnerability of Mother Earth through the seasons shines in these gentle, fun, and at times mischievous Native legends.

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An animated legend from Canada’s First Nations based on the art by Norval Morriseau and the live action footage of wildlife filmographer, Albert Karvonen. This series outlines Native legends set in 4 seasons depicted in varied animated styles on 2 DVDs, (purchased separately).

This award-winning series was produced in English and Cree and uses 2-D and 3-D animation and the voices of some of Canada’s best-loved Native performers like Tantoo Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis.

Tales of Wesakechak: Why the Rabbit Turns White – Weshakechak neglects his responsibilities and is punished by the Creator. Without his powers, Wesakechak must embark on a journey to set things straight.

Wolf Tale: Legend of the Spirit Bear – Mother Wolf tells of a time of eternal winter when all creatures were starving.

Tales of Wesakechak: The First Spring Flood – A story about the power of friendship and co-operation. In the time before there were people on Turtle Island (North America), the Creator put the shape-shifter Wesakechak on the earth to take care of all the creatures. This makes Machias, a bad spirit, very envious and angry. For the Tales of Wesakechak series, animator Greg Coyes uses gorgeous animation drawn in a style made famous by Norval Morriseau.


Wolf Tale: Legend of the Giant Beaver – Mother Wolf tells her cubs a story about a giant beaver who learned to adapt and create wetlands in a time when the great plains were covered by water. (Inspired by a story from the Peace River Dene)


Best Short Film at the 2004 Flicks International Film Festival for Young People in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Best Animation at the 2003 Japan Wildlife Festival in Tokyo.
Best Animation award at the 2003 Yorkton Short Film Festival in Saskatchewan.
Merit award and Finalist award for Children’s Animation at the 2003 International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula.
Best Program for Children Award at the Telenatura 2002 Awards in Pamplona, Spain.
Programmers’ Choice Award at the 2001 International Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival in Toronto.
Best Animation at the 1999 American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.

Director: Greg Coyes
Screenplay: Gerri Cook, G. Coyes
Edit: Andrew Manske
Music: Michael Becker
Sound: Downy Karvonen
Producer: Storytellers Production Inc.


Film Length: 112

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    These engaging videos present storytelling in the oral tradition of the aboriginal culture using authentic voices. Effective use of animation and live-action wildlife footage helps to bring the legends to life. The videos are humourous and contemporary and will appeal to a wide range of audiences.
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