Sink or Swim: Learning the Crawl in the Maldives


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Over 350,000 people live 4 feet above sea level in the island republic of Maldives, yet most never learned to swim. National Geographic “ocean hero” Jon Bowermaster organized a learn-to-swim camp there to teach 50 third graders and 20 of their burka-clad mothers how to swim. In a place more threatened by global climate change and rising sea levels than almost anywhere on the planet, it is important that its residents understand what is at risk. Diving into the ocean is a big first step.

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sink-or-swim_small_160x221Take a deep dive with National Geographic “ocean hero” Jon Bowermaster as he documents a swim camp for 3rd graders and their mothers on the remote Maldivian island of Eydafushi. Discover the complex and fascinating interplay between people, their culture, and their ocean environment.
With the support of the Slow Life Foundation and the Soneva Fushi Resort, the goal was to get moms and kids more confident in the water, in part as a means to impress upon them the importance of taking better care of the beautiful ocean that surrounds them.0

Produced by John Bowermaster
Ocean 8 Films
2015 | 52 Mins

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