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“Paper & Glass Recycling” uses factory footage, and animations, to tell an engaging, clear and fun story of how discarded materials are converted into new paper and glass products. Seeing these transformations helps make recycling more “real” to the viewer; and, the animations make them even more fun to watch. Stewardship and environmental aspects are also addressed.



Whenever we hear the word “recycle” we think of paper. Paper makes up 40% of the general waste stream and 70% of the municipal recycling stream. Of all the recycling processes, glass is the easiest to understand and one of the most engaging to watch. It also resembles the technologies used in plastic and steel recycling.

Both productions are on the same DVD. They each take you on an entertaining and informative journey of the “grave-to-cradle” transformation from discarded material to reformed product. Both use factory footage, animations and a good pace, to tell a story that is clear and fun to watch.

These productions do not focus on the behavioral or social aspects of recycling. Instead, they engage the viewer by first presenting fastinating technologies, then moving to reasons to recycle. Therefore, they are a good classroom and/or promotional tool to encourage recycling. Science and technology teachers may also find the these presentations useful. Both productions have been optimized for classroom and promotional uses. Science and technology teachers may also find the these presentations useful. Appropriate for 5th graders through adults. Slide-shows from both productions can be found at the url below. This version of Paper Recycling does not include chapters on paper packaging and factory discharge reclamation.

Both productions were written by a former high school science teacher / environmentalist who wanted to provide a clear and fun answer to the question – “What happens to recyclables after they leave your recycling bin?” A slide show can be found at

Run time for both titles – about 21 minutes (Paper about 14 minutes / Glass about 7 minutes).

Written by Richard A. Drury
Paper Recycling Narrated by Jim Mizaur,
Glass Recycling by R.A. Drury
Produced by RCS Energy Services / Paper Recycling received some financial support from the Corfu Foundation.
Copyright/Registered – Paper Recycling – 2004,
Glass Recycling – 1999


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    Viewer Comments:
    “Very well done, informative and easy to follow” – Heather Chowen, Disposal Manager, Island Waste Management Corp., Charlottetown, PEI Canada.

    “I’ve always recycled, but this makes me want to do an even better job” – Laura Clausen/Coelen. Former Chancellor of The Board of Higher Education, State of Massachusetts.

    “Very well done, engaging graphics and clarifies what happens to recyclables” – Pete Pasterz, Manager, Refuse and Recycling, Michigan State University E. Lansing, MI.

    “Excellent commentary along with easy to follow, step-by-step analysis, allows the most unaware person to become well informed.” – Rich Giudice, student, E. Windsor, N.J.

    “It was interesting. It had a lot of information for how short it was. I learned what they do to make new paper out of old paper. I liked how they mashed it all up in a big blender. I knew it was important to recycle, but the movie made it a stronger thing because I knew more about it. I would recommend it to people my age and older.” Nick Atkinson, age 9

    “A very accessible and user-friendly guide to paper recycling that is ideal for schools and community groups. The argument for local level initiatives like these having a beneficial global impact is made in a reasoned, articulate and informed manner. It’s a message we should all be aware of.” Steve Payne, Chairman, West Penwith Film Society, Penzane, Cornwall, England.

    “The Glass Recycling video is an excellent resource for recycling coordinators and teachers. It provides a cradle-to-graver overview of the glass recycling process with interesting insights on glass recycling that will enlighten even the most experienced recyclers. ” – Alisa Stone, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines, IA.

    “Highly informative and fun to watch, five stars, two thumbs up ” – Phil Crafts, Secondary Science Teacher, Amherst, MA.

    “An excellent and useful tool to really understand how glass is recycled and why recycling is so important ” – Sarah Spalding, Environmental Educator, Ithica, NY.

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