Environmental Sustainability in Business: A Case Study


Business owners are fast realizing that reducing their environmental footprint is not just a PR exercise, it’s vital to their future. This program features a case study of businesses that have developed unique approaches to sustainability. Their visionary leaders reveal how becoming ‘green’ has helped make their businesses stronger and more financially viable.


Business owners have come to realize that going green is not just a popular marketing angle, but that eco-friendly practices may be vital to a company’s future. This program features case studies of three different types of businesses and the unique approach that each has taken to sustainability. Top executives share the ways in which reducing their carbon footprint has made their organizations more financially viable, a notable example being Toyota’s development of a hybrid electric vehicle, the Prius. The problems the companies faced, the benefits of change, and outlook for the future are all considered. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online.

Duration: 28 minutes
Captions Yes
Recommended Year Level: 10–College
Year: 2009

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