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Salmon isn’t what it used to be. Ninety percent of salmon eaten in the U.S. is factory farmed, not caught. The fish are raised by the millions in giant floating netpens, all over the globe. The southern coast of Chile is one frontier being transformed from a string of remote fishing villages into fish farm row. Now, the booming industry is also putting fishermen half a world away out of business.

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Sea of Shadows


SEA OF SHADOWS is a riveting eco-thriller documentary that follows a team of dedicated scientists, high-tech conservationists, investigative journalists and courageous undercover agents as well as the Mexican Navy as they put their lives on the line to save the last remaining vaquitas, the world’s smallest cetacean – an accidental casualty of the illegal capturing of the totoaba and their swim bladders – and bring the vicious international crime syndicate to justice.