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SEPP HOLZER’S PERMACULTURE: 3 Films About Permaculture Farming


This DVD contains all 3 films on the Austrian “Agro-Rebel” Sepp Holzer, who simply observes nature and works with it quite successfully. He built one of the biggest functioning permaculture farms in Europe. Included are: Farming With Nature, Aquaculture, and Terraces and Raised Beds.

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The Family Farm


EDUCATIONAL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: For self-hosted school servers $475 (PURCHASE a download above, includes caption file). 

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In its journey across the majestic Canadian countryside, The Family Farm explores the diverse agricultural pursuits of earnest farm families, and serves as a window into the small-scale food production process that modern day consumers have become estranged from.

Colleges/Universities, (includes Public Performance Rights) $150
K-12 Schools, Public Libraries, Nonprofits (includes PPRs) $89

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