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Abundance on a Dry Land


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In California and other regions affected by drought, agriculture is suffering from a lack of water and farms are being abandoned at an alarming rate. But some people have developed solutions to capture the rains that DO fall. In this state and in many other dry regions around the world, land restoration helps water penetrate healthy soils and in turn increase crop yields. This film explores the work of Erik Ohlsen, Geoff Lawton and other growers, permaculture designers and educators, showing how intentional design can benefit both humans and nature.

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Deep Down and Dirty: The Science of Soil


EDUCATIONAL DVD for universities, schools, businesses.


It takes a thousand years to form a single inch of soil. It is a fragile layer on the surface of the land – yet essential to all life on Earth. But where did soil come from and how was it made? Gardening expert Chris Beardshaw reveals the secrets locked within soil.

PERFECT COMPOST: A Masterclass with Peter Proctor


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Peter Proctor is New Zealand’s father of biodynamic agriculture. Compost is the fundamental element in all gardening & farming. This master class takes you through the compost making process from gathering and assembling your materials to creating the perfect compost heap.

DVD + 83 page ebook

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