Subscriptions to the full Green Planet Films collection is available to colleges and universities. You can also subscribe to special collections, or subsets of the full collection. Contact us for a quote at and let us know the name of your institution and which collection you are interested in.

Subscriptions to individual titles are also available. See below for pricing. You can purchase licenses here.

TITLE1-Year Streaming *3-Year Streaming *
A CHANGING DELTA: Restoring the Colorado River Delta in Mexico$150$350
A CONVENIENT TRUTH: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil$150$350
AAMAKAAR: TheTurtle People$150$350
Ahmed and the Return of the Arab Phoenix$150$350
ALMA a film by Patrick Rouxel $150$350
ANCIENT FUTURES: Learning from Ladakh$150$350
ATLANTIC CROSSING: A Robot's Daring Mission$150$350
BACK TO THE GARDEN Flower Power Comes Full Circle$150$350
Bermuda's Island Treasure$150$350
Birds of Hispaniola$150$350
Chasing The Light - a film by ed george$150$350
CONNECTED a film by Ziggy Livnet$150$350
CROWN OF THORNS STARFISH: Monster From the Shallows$150$350
DEEP GREEN Animations$150$350
DEEP GREEN Solutions to Stop Global Warmng Now$150$350
Discover Hetch Hetchy With Harrison Ford$150$350
Dream People of the Amazon$150$350
DYING GREEN: Natural Burial and Land Conservation$150$350
ECO RAP: Voices from the Hood$150$350
El Dorado$150$350
El Proyecto Del Mono Drill (The Drill Monkey Project)$150$350
For the Price of a Cup of Coffee$150$350
French Fries to Go$150$350
Fridays at the Farm$150$350
Gardens of Destiny$150$350
GREEN a film by Patrick Rouxel$150$350
GREEN BUILDING: Your Edge in the Home Building Marketplace$150$350
GROWING CHANGE: A Journey Inside Venezuela's Food Revolution$150$350
Guardians of Aldabra$150$350
HEAVY METAL: An American Pollution Story$150$350
Houses of Straw$150$350
How I Became an Elephant$150$350
How to Save the World$150$350
KLUNKERZ: a film about mountain biking$150$350
LAKE INVADERS: The Fight for Lake Huron$150$350
MAMA EARTH: Eco Econ 101$150$350
METANOIA: A New Vision of Nature$150$350
Minds in the Water$150$350
Mujaan (The Craftsman)$150$350
One Man One Cow One Planet$150$350
Orange Witness$150$350
Paradise with Side Effects$150$350
PERFECT COMPOST: A Master Class with Peter Proctor$150$350
POWELL TO POWELL: Portraits of the Upper Colorado$150$350
REMAINS OF A RIVER: From Source to Sea Down the Colorado$150$350
Resorting to Madness$150$350
SAVING THE LIFEKEEPERS the New Science of Sustainable Beekeeping$150$350
SCRAPHOUSE: San Francisco$150$350
SHARKS: Stewards of the Reef$150$350
SHOW ME THE WAY: The Impact Mentors Have on a Young Person's Life$150$350
SLED DOGS TO ST PAUL: The Race for Clean Water$150$350
Solar Power 4 Me$150$350
South American Mammals$150$350
SOUTH CENTRAL FARM: Oasis In A Concrete Desert$150$350
Stunning Hummingbirds$150$350
TALES OF THE SAN JOAQUIN: A River Restored$150$350
Ten Days to Paint the Forest$150$350
The Bilby Brothers$150$350
The Cost of Oil$150$350
THE LAST STAND: Ancient Redwoods and the Bottom Line$150$350
THE LAST STAND: Heroes at Ballona Wetlands$150$350
The Nature of Cities$150$350
The Next Best West$150$350
THE PRICE OF SAND: silica mines, small towns and money $150$350
THE SALTON SEA: A Desert Saga $150$350
The Worm Hunters$150$350
Transforming Energy$150$350
TRASHED with Jeremy Irons$150$350
WALDEN: a short legacy film$150$350
Watershed Revolution$150$350
We Are Traffic/Return of the Scorcher$150$350
WHAT WOULD DARWIN THINK: Man vs Nature in the Galapagos$150$350