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TRASHED starring Jeremy Irons


EDUCATIONAL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: For self-hosted school servers $495 (download above, includes caption file).
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360x270_community-screening-package Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem, as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution. This is a meticulous, brave investigative journey that takes Irons (and us) from scepticism to sorrow and from horror to hope. Irons showcases the individuals, activists, corporate and advocacy groups around the world who are working to affect change and reform the current model.


$49 special pricing for Recycling Coordinators to use for outreach programs.

Universities, Businesses (includes Public Performance Rights) $195
K-12 Schools (includes PPRs) $89
Public Libraries (includes PPRs) $39
Government Agencies/Recycling Coordinators  $49