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16x9LakePoster_MCCULLOM-LAKE_smMore than 30 residents of a small lakeside community have been diagnosed with extremely rare brain tumors. This investigative documentary chronicles one town’s search for answers, a journalist’s search for the truth, and an attorney’s search for justice.


  • Editing the film into a finished cut that will be ready for submission to film festivals in the fall, such as Sundance, South by Southwest (SXSW) and others.
  • Hiring a musical composer to create a score that not only accompanies the visual story but will also be able to help brain cancer patients during their therapy sessions. Music can help patients cope with the emotional and physical demands of treatment.
  • Color grading/correction of the finished film
  • Purchasing licenses and rights to historical photos/videos
  • Film festival submission fees and duplication costs
  • Insurance/Legal fees

We also would like to create a website that not only serves as an informational resource about what happened in McCullom Lake, but will also help people affected by brain cancer connect with others who have experienced similar situations.



Nathan Delack is a 7-time EMMY-award-winning television news photojournalist. From Nathan: “While working as a television news photographer in Chicago, one of the stories I was assigned to cover was in McCullom Lake, Illinois. Three neighbors, all next door to each other, were diagnosed with brain cancer in a very short period of time. Out of the thousands of news stories that I covered in more than a decade of news, this one stuck with me. As a journalist, I knew there must have been more to this story. As time went on, more details surfaced and over 30 residents around McCullom Lake came forward to say they also had been diagnosed with brain cancer, brain tumors, or other severe medical conditions. This story has to be told on a broader scale.”