Blue Planet is the first animal-welfare/environmental film festival and forum to raise mainstream awareness and motivate people to action on the most important issues of our time: saving the earth and the biodiversity in it.

Blue Planet Film Fest is one of the only environmental/animal-welfare film festivals on the planet. Of more than 5300 festivals around the globe there are less than 60 that solely focus on these issues.

Blue Planet endeavors to do for environmental films what Sundance did for indie films: branding a genre and making these films a staple of the general filmgoer’s cultural menu.

Our festival is more than an entertaining weekend where films are screened and seen. Instead, we provide both a visual and visceral experience with interactive, hands on, off-site, events to connect attendees at a heart level with issues related to Animal Welfare, Wild Life, Environmental issues, Ecology, Conservation, Sustainable Living/Non Sustainable living, Globalization, Climate Change, Factory Farming/Agriculture issues, Water, Land.

While we work to engender personal commitments in individuals to do what they can to protect the planet, our goal is to draw a mainstream audience because the earth’s well-being lies in the hands of the masses.

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