eye-world-mission-statementFounded in 2003, Green Planet Films is a non-profit organization created to promote environmental awareness through education with an emphasis on film. We view the need for humanity to meaningfully engage with its living environment has reached a tipping point. We support this advocacy by developing and maintaining a media library for distribution to educational and public institutions, non-profits, businesses and individuals. Our perspective on environmental ecology, also includes human ecology.
We can assist filmmakers with completed films seeking distribution as well as filmmakers raising funds for the development or the outreach stage of their project through our Fiscal Sponsorship program.


Have you produced a film, and would like to submit it for our consideration?
We’d like to learn about it! The purpose of making any film is to have it seen. Green Planet Films provides a critical link between filmmakers and audiences interested in nature, environmental and human ecology genres. We connect these films to schools, organizations, businesses, government agencies, and individuals worldwide.
Green Planet Films welcomes submissions of completed works. To begin, please email us at info@greenplanetfilms.org and provide a synopsis of your film; and provide a link to your film’s trailer and website. Once reviewed, if we wish to proceed, we will provide an overview of our distribution process.
We offer the following services:
  • Home video and educational distribution
  • Community Screening promotions
  • Streaming on various platforms like Amazon Instant Video and Prime, Vimeo on Demand, Hoopla, and Overdrive
  • DVD sales and fulfillment

Fiscal Sponsorship.

Green Planet Films, Inc. is a Connecticut 501(c)(3) nonprofit distributor of nature and environmental films.  We were previously located in California.  Our EIN is 86-1057806
We offer Fiscal Sponsorship for media projects that are consistent with our goals and purposes, as stated in our mission statement. In the simplest terms, “Fiscal Sponsorship” is defined as an organization that has received nonprofit status from the IRS and accepts responsibility for receiving funds for another entity to support activities in support of its mission. In our case, we offer fiscal sponsorship to film projects or other related projects that involve environmental education utilizing film.

McCullom Lake documentary
Curiosity Quest Public Television series
Project Thorn anti-poaching project in South Africa to protect rhinos
Once Was Water documentary

The Eyes of Thailand documentary
Hunger in America documentary
The Edge of the Wild documentary
San Francisco Green Film Festival
Blue Planet Film Festival
Sage Country documentary
Iron Will documentary
MARY JANES The Woman of Weed documentary

Green Planet Films