Tools for 3 Films about the Colorado

To help promote you film event focusing on issues surrounding the Colorado River, we have assembled some tools you can use.

Sign-up Form

Sign-up forms can be used to collect contact details from your audience to alert them about future events or updates on topics or initiatives discussed during your event.

Discussion Points

Use Discussion Points as a way to inspire your post-screening group discussion.  These are only suggested points to begin a meaningful conversation on the given topic of the film, there are innumerable ways to creatively approach multimedia learning and conversation that can be adapted to the size and composition of the group.


Various size posters for you to edit and customize for your event regarding location, date, time, host, special guests and other relevant information. (sizes: letter, legal, and 11×17 – created in Powerpoint for accessible editing)

Social Media

Social media tools include pre-written Facebook and Twitter posts, Vimeo embed codes and URLs which can customized for your event, and sample email copy to edit with event details and send to your contacts.