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360x270_community-screening-packageA powerful documentary tackling the hunger epidemic in America. 50 million Americans will go hungry tonight. This is their story. Narrated by James Denton.
52 mins | 2014 | Closed Captioned
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A powerful documentary tackling the hunger epidemic in America. Narrated by James Denton.
WebWhat does the face of hunger look like?
Is it a child in Ethiopia? An aging man in Somalia? Or a family in poverty-stricken India?
This eye-opening documentary will change your whole perception on what hunger looks like.
In America today, one in six people, including hard-working men and women, suburban families and children are struggling with hunger. Tonight, over 50 million Americans won’t have enough food to eat by day’s end.
The face of hunger in America is not just the homeless, like everyone thinks. As it turns out, the face of hunger in America is the single mom, it’s grandparents raising babies, it’s the elderly, it’s the infirm.
This is their story…
Featuring :
Jaynee Day
Tina Edwards
Donna Gates
Lucio Guerrero
Tom Henry
Scott Porter
Annabel Ruffell
Tim VandeSteeg
Written and Directed by Zac Adams
Produced by Zac Adams, Tim VandeSteeg
52 mins | 2014 | Closed Captioned and SDH  (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

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  1. staffadmin

    Dove “Family-Approved” For All Ages 5 stars

    Dove Review

    “Hunger in America” reveals that many American citizens suffer from hunger, and that hunger is not just a third-world problem. A few pastors are becoming involved in fighting hunger, as are figure heads of organizations, and they are in this documentary, too. Many organizations send excess food to those who need it. Also, the film focuses on how the elderly and children are most affected. It also shares statistics as to certain areas of America and the number of those who don’t have enough food. In one startling statement, a man says that he sees people step over the homeless regularly.

    This brief film contains a largely important message: Hunger is still present in America, and hopefully more people will join the efforts of those who are fighting it. We are awarding this film our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages, although it is not intended for the very young. The filmmakers convey its message very well in drawing attention to the problem.

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