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A Kid for the Wild is a playlist of 11 ecology music videos created by Judy Lehmberg. The majority of songs are by Walkin Jim Stoltz.

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Kid for the Wild DVD Cover_smA Kid for the Wild is a playlist of 11 ecology music videos created by Judy Lehmberg, a former college biology, zoology and botany teacher, now filmmaker. The majority of songs are by the late Walkin’ Jim Stoltz, a singer songwriter, poet, photographer, painter and long distance hiker from Big Sky and Helena, Montana. Jim hiked over 28,000 miles through the wilderness of North America – a true mountain man who experienced the wonder and wisdom of natural world with the heart of a child. He performed at many schools throughout the United States for children of all ages. The majority of imagery shot by Lehmberg is set in the Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.


  1. Habitat

  2. Pika, Pika

  3. The Web of Life

  4. Prairie Dog

  5. Slugs and Bugs

  6. River, River, River Run

  7. It Ain’t Easy Being an Ol’ Grizzley Bear

  8. If I were a Tree

  9. Buffalo Love

  10. A Kid for the Wild

  11. Song for Rachel

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