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Illegal Dumping


Did you know that some people dump their trash in the desert?  Follow Joel on this journey throughout the Antelope Valley in California to learn what steps are being taken there to prevent illegal dumping.

Reptile Rescue


Did you know that a reticulated python can grow up to 35 feet in length?  Get a close up look at several species of reptiles on this episode as Joel journeys through a reptile rescue facility.

Recycling Paint


When it comes to paint, do you know what a hockey puck is?  Greene visits Acrylatex to learn how they recycle unused paint and make some amazing new products out of dried up paint.

Extreme Recycling


Did you know that animals can be used in the recycling process?  Check out this episode where we visit an extreme recycling facility to learn why they have animals.

Beach Cleanup


What are the effects of beach tourism? Millions of people visit beaches each year…but some leave trash behind.  Watch this episode of Curiosity Quest to learn how tourism affects beach cities in the U.S. and how we can do our part to keep them clean.

Water Reclamation


Have you ever wondered how water can be recycled?  Greene visits a water reclamation plant where he learns where the water goes after it’s flushed down the toilet and how it can be cleaned, treated and re-used.

Trash Free Challenge


Have you ever wondered how you can help your school recycle more?  Check out this awesome journey for three middle school’s taking on the “trash free challenge.”

Green Toys: The Sequel

What if all of the toys in the world were made out of recycled materials?  Check out Green Toys as Joel revisits the factory and finds out how they make super sturdy toys out of recycled milk jugs!



We all know there are little things we can each do, every day, to help protect our environment. Join Joel on this quest as he ventures through homes to learn the little, and big, things homeowners can do to help use less energy and water