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“Recuerdo” captures a rare and exclusive look behind the scenes with renowned artist and Santero Nicholas Herrera of El Rito as he tends his land and paints in his studio.  Recent winner of the New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, Herrera’s life and work is an ongoing remembrance of the land, water, and artistic traditions of Northern New Mexico.

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Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night


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Saving Fireflies and Nocturnal Habitats

Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night and Light of the Genji explore the Importance of Darkness, and the Erosion of it, told through the study, preservation and celebration of firefly habitats in Japan and the United States.  Fireflies are reportedly disappearing, as artificial night lights disrupt their ‘languages of light’.  Brilliant Darkness: Hotaru in the Night and Light of the Genji feature artists and scientists on different continents working to understand firefly flash patterns and how to live among wildlife in Urban Settings.

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Nature’s Orchestra: Sounds of Our Changing Planet


Nature’s Orchestra follows Bernie Krause on a soundscape expedition in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. To record habitats that are neither disturbed nor destroyed by human activities, nature sound recordists have to travel far. Along with animal voices, including migratory bird songs, the barking of a fox, and a grizzly’s sniff, the expedition records the melting of permafrost and other evidence of climate change.

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Love Thy Nature


Love Thy Nature presents a compelling case that reconnecting with the natural world is the key to improving personal health and ensuring our survival on earth.

Traversing the globe, the film celebrates the dazzling natural spectacles of our planet, while also revealing how a deeper connection with nature can transform each of us and inspire us to restore endangered ecosystems, as well as the human family.

Liam Neeson provides the voice of Homo Sapiens — our collective humankind — reflecting on how in the past several thousand years we have become separate from nature, believing we were meant to subdue it. The film especially traces the disconnect between humans and nature from the agrarian and industrial revolutions to the digital revolution. This disconnect has disrupted billions of years of evolution, leading to a mass extinction of species and threatening the very survival of the human race.

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Materia Wood


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In Italy there’s a strong tradition of working with wood. In this documentary we start in the Forest of Violins in Paneveggio. Each tree is specially selected and felled for its quality grain. The forest is never over-harvested, with a mindfulness of preserving the forest and the traditional trees that are used to make the world’s finest violins and other objects of art.
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CHASING THE LIGHT a film by Ed George


An artistic journey down the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. An assemblage of Grand Canyon painters and photographers embarked on a twenty-one day river trip through the canyon. The journey was documented on high-definition video and presents a unique opportunity to see these artists working, interacting and talking about the techniques and inspiration of their craft.

WALDEN: a short legacy film


Walden combines delicate and brilliant images filmed on location around Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts with readings by poet, John D. Ogden, bringing to life the heart and soul of Thoreau

BACK TO THE GARDEN Flower Power Comes Full Circle


In Rural Washington state in 1988, Kevin Tomlinson filmed a group of “hippies” who had been living off the land since the 70s. Now in this poignant examination of an alternative community seen over time, he tracks down those original interviewees and shows what the glories and sufferings of living off the grid might really entail.

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Rent for 2.99

A beautiful and forlorn tree, stuck in the middle of a giant parking lot. Hit by cars, and starved for water and oxygen. Drawn to the tree and outraged by the indignities that it endures, Joel Tauber devotes himself to improving the tree’s life.

Life with Principle: Thoreau


Life With Principle: Thoreau’s Voice in our Time is an outstanding DVD presentation developed in cooperation with The Thoreau Society. Mel Hopper’s centerpiece film is a forthright, legible examination of the life and philosophical legacy of Henry David Thoreau, and the modern resonance of his perspective on individuality and personal choice.

Ten Days to Paint the Forest


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Explores Peru & Ecuador’s unknown dry forest with top wildlife artists. Watch them draw and paint birds and bears in support of a bold community conservation project.

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Return of the Dodo


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A shared fascination for the Dodo, a passion for wildlife, and desire to protect ecosystems is what unites a characterful group of artists and scientists. They inspire each other to reconstruct in bronze nine extinct creatures from Mauritius, including the Dodo, for return to their natural habitat.

Chased By The Light


This inspiring documentary tells the story of how Jim Brandenburg, one of the world’s greatest nature photographers, immersed himself in a Zen-like exploration of his craft and the untamed landscape of the rugged north woods. A National Geographic cover story and book ensued.