eye-world-mission-statementGreen Planet Films (GPF) advocates environmental awareness through education with an emphasis on film. We view the need for humanity to meaningfully engage with its living environment has reached a tipping point. We support this advocacy by developing and maintaining a media library for distribution to educational and public institutions, non-profits, businesses and individuals. Our perspective on environmental ecology, also includes human ecology.
To supplement this effort, we maintain a network of subject matter experts among film producers, scientists, academics, as well as other distributors who share a common aspiration to identify, produce and share discoveries in nature and humanity.
Sample topics include deforestation, water resources, ocean conservation, sustainable fishing, renewable energies, climate change and other issues that affect humanity in the context of itself and nature.
In 2018 we continue development and pre-production on our investigative documentary focusing on business profits vs the social/eco cost of convenience of wet wipes that are flooding the market, and sewer systems around the world, with an emphasis on the solutions at hand.

EIN: 86-1057806

Green Planet Films